25 Ways to Make Money Outside Your Day Job
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Whether you’re caught in a tight spot or saving up for something big, like a vacation or a new home, you may be looking for ways to bring in extra income while still working your regular job. Thankfully, there are all kinds of side hustles that can help you make money from home or without […]

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Whether you’re caught in a tight spot or saving up for something big, like a vacation or a new home, you may be looking for ways to bring in extra income while still working your regular job.

Thankfully, there are all kinds of side hustles that can help you make money from home or without having to travel too far. And, many of these options allow you to set your own hours and don’t require any special training to get.

Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

Below are 25 ideas for bringing in some extra income while also working full time:

1. Renting out Your Extra Space

Have a spare room? You may be able to turn it into a nice income stream by listing it on websites like Airbnb or Homestay.

Both platforms allow you to determine your own rate, house rules, and renting schedule, and also approve your own guests. Home-sharing platforms will typically take a small percentage from each booking.

Since hosting laws vary from city to city, it’s a good idea to learn the rules and regulations applicable to your area before you list your space.

2. Starting a Blog

Yes, blogs are still a thing — and so is affiliate marketing, which is when you get paid for mentioning a product or service, with a disclosure, in your blog. If a visitor clicks that link and makes a purchase, you’ll get compensated

Consider creating a website and blog about a topic you are both passionate and knowledgeable about, such as baking, traveling, or fitness. While cash won’t come in immediately, you may eventually be able to use ads and affiliate links to generate an income.

3. Becoming a Consultant

If you work a professional job or you’ve made a bit of a name for yourself in your field, your skills are likely valuable to other folks in your industry — or who are aiming to be in your industry. You could offer anything from sharing legal advice to advising businesses on how to become more eco-friendly to helping startups ramp up.

Consulting or coaching can be a lucrative side business because it’s easy and affordable to start, since you already have the knowledge and experience.

4. Turning Clutter into Extra Cash

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind… and can also represent cash left on the table. You can take care of multiple problems in one fell swoop by cleaning out your closet (and kitchen, and garage, etc.) and selling the stuff you don’t want using platforms like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp .

5. Testing Our Websites

Web designers and the companies who hire them have a vested interest in making sure their websites and apps are user-friendly and functional for visitors. If you’re willing to be a guinea pig, you may want to consider registering at a user-testing site like Respondent and Userlytics .

Most tests take between five and 25 minutes to complete and pay an average of $10 per test.

6. Acting Like You’re Sick

Doctors don’t start out their practice with the ability to diagnose an appendicitis or a brain tumor in the space of a few questions. Many physicians are trained with the help of patient actors, or standardized patients, who go into an “appointment” with a script depicting a certain malady so that doctors can get some practice before they face the real thing.

Patient acting jobs can offer a unique and often temporary or seasonal way to make some extra cash.

7. Teaching or Tutoring

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an absolute expert in something, you likely have information to share that other people would appreciate — whether it’s how to code a basic website, write an impressive college essay, speak Spanish, or play the guitar.

There are numerous platforms available today, such as Skillshare , Tutor.com , and Udemy , that help connect tutors with prospective students, and you can often set it up to work with your existing schedule.

8. Offering Customer Service

If you have a landline and good communication skills, you may be able to become a customer service rep. Besides being able to work from home, you can often do this kind of work whenever you have spare time, such as nights and weekends.

9. Assisting a Local Caterer

Caterers are often looking to hire servers, bartenders, and other event staff. And one of the perks of working for a catering company is that you can often work events when you’re available, as opposed to committing to a regular schedule. You can check with local caterers directly or search Google or Indeed.com to find jobs in your area.

10. Freelancing

Another flexible sideline where you can set your own hours and don’t need to make a long term commitment is freelancing. You may be able to get side gigs doing something you both do well and enjoy, whether it’s writing content or designing websites.

There are tons of websites and job boards to help you land a freelancing gig. Who knows? You might even be able to turn your side-hustle into a full time business after you build up a big enough client list.

11. Driving for Cash

If you enjoy driving, you might consider moonlighting for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft . Or, you might want to look into making food deliveries. There are a number of platforms—such as Postmates , Grubhub , Doordash , Uber Eats –where you can get work delivering restaurant food to people who don’t feel like cooking–or driving.

12. Renting out Your Car

If you’re willing to put your keys into a (pre-screened) stranger’s hands, you can also rent out your vehicle when you’re not using it on a site like Turo and Getaround .

13. Doing Voice Overs

If you’ve got a particularly deep or lovely speaking voice, you may be able to start a side hustle as a voice actor. There are some start-up costs involved, such as insulating a small room or closet and getting some recording equipment. But gigs can range from a quick hundred bucks for a small spot for a beginner to thousands for a nationwide commercial project.

14. Babysitting (or Dog Sitting or House Sitting)

Taking care of people’s kids (or dogs, or cats, or homes) when they’re away from home can be a lucrative sideline. If you’re good with critters and/or small humans, you could advertise your services on a platform like Rover or Bambino .

Don’t mind relocating for a bit? Sites like TrustedHousesitters can help connect you with people who are looking for someone to move in while they are on vacation and take care of plants and/or pets.

15. Getting Green for Being Green

If you live in a state with bottle bills, you may be able to return cans and glass bottles for a few cents a piece — which can add up if you make a habit of walking around town to find them.

You can also trade in your old electronics (and keep them out of landfills) at certain dealers like Best Buy or SellCell in return for gift cards or cash.

16. Cleaning Homes

If you love–or at least don’t mind–cleaning your home, you might consider utilizing that skill to make some extra cash. You may be able to clean homes or offices on a weekly or biweekly basis, or just a one-time basis, such as when someone is moving.

If you do start your own cleaning service, it’s a good idea to find out if any local permits are required. You may also need to be bonded and insured.

17. Using Your Muscles

If you’re strong and like the idea of getting a workout in while you earn extra income, you might be able to turn a nice profit by helping people move. After all, getting paid in cash is way better than getting paid in pizza, like when you help friends move. Word of mouth is a good way to start getting some business.

18. Mowing Lawns

Another physical way to earn some extra bucks is to offer to mow lawns in your neighborhood for a fee. You might even offer more in-depth landscaping projects, like weeding, planting flowers, and putting down mulch. If clients like your work, it could easily become a recurring side business for you.

19. Taking Photos

If you’re the type who rarely leaves home without their DSLR, you could potentially turn your skills into cash. You may be able to sell photos you’ve already taken to stock photo sources like Shutterstock . Or, you might start offering one-on-one client services ilke portraits, event photography, or family shoots.

20. Selling Your Crafts

One of the best ways to make money outside of work? Turn what you love to do for leisure into spare cash, whether that’s knitting or painting or building birdhouses. If you pour time and energy into a craft, chances are there are people out there who would love to buy the fruits of your labor on a platform like Etsy .

21. Transcribing

If you’re a whiz on the keyboard, you may be able to earn a decent hourly wage by transcribing audio or video recordings in your spare time. Consider looking for projects on websites like GoTranscript or Speechpad.

22. Direct Selling

Direct sales companies have been around forever. While Avon and Tupperware might immediately come to mind, these days there are tons of companies that offer direct-selling opportunities, everything from vitamins to cosmetics to home fragrances.

If there’s a particular direct sales product that you’re already a fan of, you may want to start by applying to be a salesperson for that company.

23. Joining Focus Groups

You may be able to get paid just for sharing your thoughts and opinions on everything from products to current events. While it may not pay a lot of money, participating in a research study or focus group can be an easy way to earn some cash in your spare time. You can Google “research studies” to find opportunities in your area or online.

24. Writing Resumes

A good resume is critical to getting a job, yet many people find them difficult to write. If you have a knack for writing great resumes, it can make a great side hustle. You can either offer this service to anyone in your network or find work at a site like ResumeYard or WriteZillas.

25. Listing Your Home as a Film Location

You don’t have to live in a mansion for it to work as a backdrop for a commercial, movie, or TV show. Scouts are often looking for spaces that look lived-in.

Consider listing your home on sites like SetScouter.com, a database where location scouts can find properties.

The Takeaway

It can take some thought and research to identify the right side hustle, but bringing in an extra income stream can be well worth the effort.

And while making more money is always good, managing the money you already have can be equally important.

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