Re-thinking safe-withdrawal rates and how much you’ll need in retirement
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This is a guest post from Financial Samurai. The views of guest authors are their views and not necessarily mine. That said, I think it's a good thing to read and share ideas that differ from your own. (And, in fact, I'd argue that many of our larger political problems in the U.S. today stem from an unwillingness to do just this.) Over the past fifteen years, I've published many guest articles I didn't agree with. I'm sure to publish more in the future. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's look at Sam's arguments for re-thinking the four-percent safe withdrawal rate.

On 27 August 2020, the Federal Reserve announced a major policy shift. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said the Fed is willing to allow inflation to run hotter than normal in order to support the labor market and broader economy.

In other words, the Federal Reserve is likely to keep its Fed Funds rate at or near zero percent for longer. In the past, the Federal Reserve would consider raising interest rates when the unemployment rate falls to ward off inflation down the road.

Given this policy shift, I think you’d be a fool to follow a four-percent safe withdrawal rate in retirement. Let me tell you why.

Why a Savings Account is Important
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It may be surprising, but few Americans are saving. About 65% of Americans have little or nothing saved up. Here at, we’re passionate about helping others secure their financial future. We want to help you save money, which is why we now offer savings and money market accounts through trusted FDIC insured banks to... Read More

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How to Find an Apartment in Houston
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There are over 2.3 million people in Houston, reports the U.S. Census Bureau. On top of that, the HTX metro area spans more than 599 miles! So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about your move to H-Town — we don’t blame you! But, before you say “screw it” and move into whichever decent place […]

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6 Modest Front-Yard Updates Home Sellers Should Never Forget
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A shoddy-looking front yard could undermine all that hard work you put into beautifying the inside of your home, and that could jeopardize your chances of selling.

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How the App Makes Homebuying Simply Smarter
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As mobile apps have continued to become more advanced, many buyers and renters are taking the start of their home searching journey from desktop to mobile. The app will help make that transition easier and safer, just for you.

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UI Extension: How to Get 11 More Weeks of Jobless Benefits
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Note: This article has been updated with new information from the Continued Assistance Act (the second stimulus package). Most states offer Unemployment Insurance for 26 weeks. If your benefits are about to expire, and you’re still out of work, a low-grade panic may be setting in. Here are two important things you need to know: […]

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Washington County, Oregon VA Loan Information
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Table of Contents What is the VA Loan Limit? How to Apply for a VA Home Loan? What is the Median Home Price? What are the VA Appraisal Fees? Do I need Flood Insurance? How do I learn about Property Taxes? What is the Population? What are the major cities? About Washington County Veteran Information […]

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What Is a Serial Entrepreneur?
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A serial entrepreneur starts several businesses one after another rather than beginning one venture and staying focused on it for many years like a more typical entrepreneur. Serial entrepreneurs may sell their businesses after they reach a certain level of … Continue reading →

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How to Support Small Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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COVID-19-related social distancing is causing many small businesses to close or scale back. That means there’s now less money going back into local economies. Thankfully, if you want to support local business owners while complying with social distancing, there are still plenty of options available.

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How to prepare for a natural disaster
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My world is on fire.

As you may have heard, much of Oregon is burning right now. Thanks to a "once in a lifetime" combination of weather and climate variables -- a long, dry summer leading to high temps and low humidity, then a freak windstorm from the east -- much of the state turned to tinder earlier this week. And then the tinder ignited.

At this very moment, our neighborhood is cloaked in smoke.

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