4 States Where Income Tax Rates Could Soon Top 57%
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A federal proposal would add to the tax burden of the wealthiest earners in these places.
7 Great Small-Business Ideas for Kids to Start Making Money
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A small business is the best way to teach your kid about money. Here are several great small-business ideas that are fit for kids.
The 20 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago in 2021
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From South Shore to Wicker Park, Chicago is magical.

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17 Conversations to Have About Money Before Getting Married
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If you’ve been avoiding having the money talk with your partner, now is the time. Here are the questions that need to be answered.
15 Ways to Save Money Landscaping Your Yard
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Looking to landscape your yard? Follow these tips for how to save money when creating your own personal backyard paradise.
8 Stock Picks That Could Get a Child Tax Credit Bump
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The expanded 2021 child tax credit is expected to put more money into Americans' pockets ... and, eventually, these eight stock picks.
31 Real Estate Listing Terms Explained
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As you read real estate listings, you may come across industry jargon and certain catchphrases again and again. Paying attention to and understanding these terms can provide valuable clues about the home and the seller’s situation. What follows is a real estate glossary that can help you decipher listings and figure out what a realtor […]

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9 Forgotten Frugal Strategies — and How to Resurrect Them
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These time-tested methods can help us live smarter today.
14 Biggest Home Selling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
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Looking to move out of your house? Learn these mistakes to avoid to help ensure you get a great offer and sell your property quickly.
Where to Find Free or Cheap Audiobooks Online
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Audiobooks often cost just as much as printed books. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly ways to feed your reading habit. Learn more here.
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