7 Painless Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Years Earlier
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Here's how to free yourself from your biggest debt faster than you would think possible.
Here’s How to Create a Christmas Saving Plan
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Don’t you want to scream when you see Christmas displays in the stores before Halloween? Or when “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” is stuck in your head for two months because it starts playing in early November? The Christmas creep can be annoying, but there’s at least one good reason to start […]

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Thinking of Donating to your Alma Mater? Be Careful!
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Unless you’re very specific about how you give money to a university, it may not be used for what you had in mind.
9 Things Anyone Can Get for Free on Amazon
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These freebies are available to anyone who shops on Amazon — no Prime membership is necessary.
It’s Never Too Late for a Family Meeting – Here’s How to Do Them Well
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When there is a large inheritance at stake (or even when there isn’t), it’s a great idea to get everyone on the same page. A family meeting can make that happen, and it can even be enjoyable.
Paying for College: A Parent’s Guide
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Parents can and do find ways to pay for their child’s college, but it often involves sacrifice and planning. Two keys: Save early and consistently. Starting as soon as possible and making regular deposits into whatever vehicle you choose can help smooth out the ups and downs of the stock market. Consistently making equal payments […]

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Tax-Smart Charitable Gifting Strategies
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Take advantage of the current tax rules to support the charities you care about and save on your taxes at the same time. Here are a couple of noteworthy strategies to consider.
9 Products Totally Worth the Price
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If you're willing to pay a little more for these products, you may never have to shop for another again.
7 Things I Always Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond
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The home goods store isn’t kidding about the “beyond” part. You’ll be surprised at some of these treasures to be found at the popular chain.
The Best Way to Kill Off Credit Card Debt
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To figure out the best way to pay down debt, imagine yourself sailing in a storm-tossed sea and facing one big decision.
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