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4 States Where Income Tax Rates Could Soon Top 57%
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A federal proposal would add to the tax burden of the wealthiest earners in these places.
What a Beneficiary Controlled Trust Can Do to Protect Your Legacy After You Are Gone
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Life is messy sometimes. Divorce, bankruptcies and lawsuits happen, and they can potentially wipe out the inheritance you’ve carefully set aside for your loved ones. But there are many trust options to help keep life from ruining your legacy.
What Tax Bracket Am I In?
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There are seven federal tax brackets for 2021, ranging from 10% to 37%. Generally, the more you earn, the higher your tax rate, and the more money you will owe the IRS in taxes. How much you’ll pay in federal tax on your 2021 income (due in 2022) will depend on which bracket your income […]

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10 Things Every Worker Needs to Know About the W-4 Form
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Anyone who has started a new job will know about filling out a W-4 form. Your new boss will use that information to calculate how much tax to withhold from your paycheck.
4 Reasons Families Fail When Transferring Wealth
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Several things can go wrong when a family tries to pass its wealth down to the next generation. To keep your own wealth transfer on track, keep these four common pitfalls in mind.
12 Questions Retirees Often Get Wrong About Taxes in Retirement
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You worked hard to build your retirement nest egg. But do you know how to minimize taxes on your savings?
PODCAST: The Ins and Outs of IRAs with Ed Slott, CPA
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Are you saving for retirement? Good start. But almost everyone has something to learn about optimizing their individual retirement account from IRA strategist Ed Slott. Also, the next round of retirement-planning changes Congress is eyeing.
Qualified Dividends vs. Ordinary Dividends
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What are qualified dividends, and how do they differ from ordinary dividends? Here's how to determine which is which, and what that means for you.
The Right Retirement Plan: Do I Choose a Traditional or Roth 401(k)?
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If your workplace offers a Roth 401(k) retirement savings plan in addition to a traditional 401(k), picking between them comes down to taxes.
33 States with No Estate Taxes or Inheritance Taxes
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Even with the federal exemption from death taxes raised, retirees should pay more attention to estate taxes and inheritance taxes levied by states.
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