Chase Freedom & Freedom Flex Q4 2021 Categories: PayPal & Walmart
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Chase has released the 5x categories for the fourth quarter of 2021 on the Freedom and Freedom Flex cards: PayPal Walmart I love the PayPal category since it’s pretty easy to use at thousands of online merchants, tax payments, charities, etc. Should work in conjunction with PayPal Key as well. These categories will go live […]
What Is Ethereum 2.0 and When Will it Be Released?
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What Is Ethereum 2.0 and When Will it Be Released?

It’s hard to imagine the U.S. government announcing the “Dollar 2.0.” But in the wild world of cryptocurrencies, that wouldn’t be an unusual occurrence. When it comes to some cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, it’s inevitable — Ethereum 2.0 is in the works. While Ethereum has, in some respects, joined Bitcoin as a fairly mainstream cryptocurrency, it’s […]

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How Does Tuition Reimbursement Work?
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If you’re working and want to continue school but aren’t sure how to fund it, your employer may offer assistance. Tuition reimbursement programs are offered by many companies. While each company has their own specific requirements, tuition reimbursement is when an employer pays for a portion of an employee’s continuing education costs. Some employers may […]

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What is the Cost to Rewire a House?
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Electrical issues are the third most common cause of house fires in the United States. Updating the wiring in a house is not an inexpensive undertaking, but keeping old wiring could have disastrous consequences. Modern technology demands are also reasons for rewiring a house. Powering multiple electronic devices, having adequate interior and exterior lighting, and […]

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Inground Pool Financing: Installation Costs & More
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Few things in life are as refreshing as a cool dip in a sparkling pool on a hot day, and rather than pay to use a community pool, wouldn’t it be nice to have one in your own backyard? If you’ve been thinking about building an inground pool, there are several things you need to […]

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7 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Fast
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Your financial security might soon depend upon the strength of your credit score.
Go Stress Free with These 10 No-Cost Strategies
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You can go to an expensive wellness retreat to get peace of mind. Or you can use some tips from relaxation experts to bring the peace home. There’s no need to spend money in pursuit of a stress-free life. We talked to two wellness experts from Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona, about […]

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Q4 2021 5% Quarterly Categories: Activate, Offers & Suggestions (Freedom/Flex, Discover, Dividend, Cash+ & more)
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It’s now possible to activate/enroll all 5% category credit cards for the fourth quarter of 2021, including the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Flex, Discover IT, Citi Dividend, US Bank Cash+ and a few others. In this post we’ll provide the activation link for each card and links to track your spend, along with strategies to […]
10 Signs You’re Living Beyond Your Means
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10 Signs You're Living Beyond Your Means

Living beyond your means is an easy trap to fall into. And if you’re not keeping close track of everything that’s coming in and going out of your financial account, you may not even realize you’re doing it. But if you often run out of money before the month is over — and you don’t […]

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The RMD Solution to the Hassle of Filing Estimated Taxes in Retirement
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If you don't need the money to live on, wait until December to take your RMD and ask the sponsor to withhold a big chunk for the IRS.
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